AT LAUREA we are a Natural Health Industry that can manufacture your own brand.

You want to create a new brand and would benefit from our expertise to offer your customers high quality produtcs at a competitive prining with NO MINIMUM required.

Call on our services ! 

About LAUREA : 

Building on its expertise in protein products, LAUREA specializes in the creation of private label for your own brand. We want to create a strong partnership with you to develop your business: " YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR SUCCESS."

Our products have been specially designed and selected to meet your needs, indeed we have a wide range of products including more than 150 products proteins. Our range includes the chips, the puddings, hot and cold drinks, bars or even dishes. Every moment has its product.

Why choose a private label?

Private Label products have grown rapidly in recent years. Our partners have realize the potential success and rewards offered. Your brand is your distinction in the market place, is not a simple logo or an advertisement.


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