Are you looking for products and high quality protein supplements?
The LAUREA products will be attain your expectations.



Do you own a Medical clinic, a Weight Loss Center, a Fitness Facility or other? We can offer you a low cost product line under your own label.

Our range of products and high quality protein supplements is available under your private label. We have a team that will provide assistance in packaging design, labeling and graphics to fit with your corporate image.



What are the advantages of your own product line?

  • Substantially higher margins than brand name products

  • Greater freedom with pricing strategy 

  • Freedom to create your own marketing plans

  • You will increase your sales

  • You have control over the stock inventory

  • Create a positive image of yourself for your customer which will lead to stronger customer loyalty

  • Reduce dependance on brand names for sales

  • Positions you better in a tight economy

  • You will not walk into other stores and see the same products that you sell on a shelf with a retail price lower than what you pay your distributor

  • After building customer loyalty for months, your customers won't turn around and order the same products from a large online store because they are only available from you!


What is involved in creating a private label?

It is a very simple process…

  1. You contact us and tell us what products you want, the sizes and sales projections of how many units of each product you expect to sell in a year's time.

  2. You tell us where you need to be on pricing for this to work for you and we give you a quote.

  3. Either you design the label yourself or you can have our in-house creative services department design it for you. Once the label is agreed upon...

  4. Write a Purchase Order, we make it and ship it and you get to sell your own high margin brand of high quality product!
    Some of our private label clients have had product on their shelf in as little as two weeks time from the first contact!

  5. We offer all products on this website for private labeling.

We are happy to work with you to develop products and packaging to your specifications. We have a successful track record of custom manufacturing, especially in small quantities. Whatever you’d like to see, our team of food scientists and packaging specialists can make it a reality.

About our Facilities:

  • Our packaging facility is FDA Approved and Inspected

  • We rigorously adhere to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)

  • Our facility is electronically monitored

  • Materials are meticulously audited throughout the process

  • Our facility adheres to a Master Sanitation Schedule


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